Image of Promptober: A FFXV Anthology Book

Promptober: A FFXV Anthology Book

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"Violet, fuchsia, goldenrod, vermilion.

Before his eyes bloomed a magnificent sight; colours blending and swirling like paint in a whirlpool. The sunset was a canvas for the Gods, limitless and exuberant, ever-changing like the tides of time."

Promptober: A FFXV Anthology features thirty-three short stories (over 100 pages!) with Prompto Argentum from Final Fantasy XV as the focus. Exploring limitless possibilities, each story is filled with deep emotion, love and friendship as Prompto reflects on his life in an autumn daze.

Exclusive to this book are TWO bonus stories not published anywhere else!

Cover art by @artsy_aphaire.

NOTE: 'B' Grade books are still in perfectly readable condition - the page format just starts shifted one page to the left than intended.

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